Is design just a vertical that makes products and websites beautiful and usable, or can it solve higher organizational problems?

Is it possible to measure design’s impact in an organization or business?

How can we build better partnerships with different departments in an organization?

At Chargebee Design, we revisit these questions in our day to day.

They help us stay curious. They keep us grounded. They remind us of our larger purpose.

And now, we have some answers.

By seeing design with a different lens, you can realise organizational goals, collaborate with teams, and make design-led decisions for tangible impact.

Join us on 2nd November, 2019 @ Chargebee HQ, Chennai for a hands-on workshop that explores all this and more.

About our speakers

Praveen Francis

Praveen is Chargebee's Director of Design and has over 15 years of experience designing. Outside of the office, he likes to dabble in the fine art of woodworking.

Sangita Ganesh

Sangita leads Design Operations at Chargebee. She has a degree in Computer Science​ Engineering from UCL, London, with a specialisation in Human-Computer Interaction.

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